Monday, June 14, 2010

Local Reiki Master practices 'pure' healing energy

By Mila Dechant

Love is the purest form of energy and any form of pure energy is healing energy. Reiki is one of the commonly known forms of pure healing energy.

Reiki practitioners and participants experience clarity, peace, wellbeing and are often in a state of ease. When carrying out Reiki, the practitioner places their hands over the participant’s particular areas of the body. Then the practitioner lets the universal flow of energy does it work with ease over a length of time.

Reiki is not a religion but spiritual in nature. I have personally experienced Reiki and it does wonders to the state of mind and well-being. More and more people are getting into this wholistic healing art form. I had the humble opportunity to speak with a Reiki practitioner.

Karuna Krinsky (right) is a Reiki Master and has been practising this healing art form since 1999. Karuna shares that Reiki has changed her life tremendously. After taken the reiki classes, she had experienced an epiphany. She experienced that she was aware of what she was holding back. Reiki allowed her to overcome her physical issues. Karuna’s Reiki teacher even noticed a change in her. Karuna’s disciplined practise of Reiki made her calm and composed.

Although Karuna was never interested to teach Reiki, she felt obligated to make this art available to others to improve their well-being. She started teaching in the summer of 2002 and has not stopped sharing and teaching ever since. Karuna shared that Reiki can be used for mental afflictions.  She also shared that it can create turbulence when you force it. Reiki can be practised on yourself or on someone else. When Reiki is carried out, you experience comfort and ease through your body. Karuna has been a lacto Vegetarian for 33 years. She became a vegetarian for personal reasons.  She did not want to subject herself to the pain and depression of an animal being slaughtered. Being a vegetarian has helped her practise reiki more efficiently but she does not recommend anyone to become a vegetarian for the sake of it. Each person has to have an epiphany in order follow a vegetarian diet.

Karuna is a board member of Institute for Wholistic Education, a non-profit organization. She carries out 4 classes a year for Reiki. Each class takes place during each season. More information is obtainable on her website

Energy is what moves matter. Everyone of us posses the healing art form when attuned in the right manner.
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